Articles to Which I Have Contributed
1) “Everything you need to know about the SAT: Expert Advice for Succeeding in Online Classes,” June 8, 2014, Magoosh SAT Website
2) “Professor Perspectives: Working at an HBCU” by Alexandra Rice, February 18, 2014, Education section of NerdWallet online
3) “You Can Recover from a Snippy Email, but Prepare to Grovel” by Elizabeth Bernstein, Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2014
4) “Three Relationship Habits Every Newlywed Couple Should Start Right Now,” by Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW, Brides magazine, July 8, 2014
6) “The Worst Holiday Gift I Ever Received: 6 Funny Stories” by Kristin Colella, Mainstreet Magazine, December 8, 2014
7) “Becoming the Best You in the New Year” by Gina Roberts-Grey, Essence magazine
8) “Marriage Secrets from Women Who Know” by Cathy Garrard, Redbook magazine and MSN Lifestyle online
9) “Father’s Day Tribute to Awesome Dads” by Sherri Kuhn, All Parenting Magazine
10) “Structured Reading: Yay or Nay: Are Schools Sucking the Joy Out of Reading?” SheKnows online magazine
11) “Expert Advice: Planning Your College Class Schedule” by Yesenia Rascon, Education section of NerdWallet, August 12, 2014
12) “When a House Guest Becomes a House Horror: Your Friend Just May Turn into a Fiend,” US News and World Report
13) “Obama’s Free Community College Plan: What Students Need to Know” by Kelsey Sheehy, US News and World Report, January 16, 2015
14) “Dr. Oz From the Heart: ‘I Love Your Healthy Thanksgiving Rituals’,” Dr. Oz: Good Life Magazine, November 2015


Academic Article
Creativity: A Reader for Writers, Ryan Van Cleave (editor), “Creativity from Beyond One’s Natural Grasp: Finding Your Most Creative Ideas Through Spirituality” by Stephanie Freeman and Wendy Rountree, Oxford University Press, December 31, 2015

Manuscripts in Progress
When Disaster Entered My Eden (part 1 of my memoir)
Life, Love and Natural Disasters (part 2 of my memoir)
Love Divided by Sperm (creative non-fiction)
College Professors (collection of poetry)