Using her best “good girl” face, Stephie Ann Freeman calls herself one of God’s “special” people. With tongue in cheek, she says, “I’m one of God’s 'special and beloved people' because I was divinely selected to endure five natural disasters and numerous other personal tragedies.” When asked how she survived all those difficulties, Stephie Ann adds, “I held on to life and love and let faith and high heels bring me through the depths of darkness and into the sunlight.” With humor and a tenacity that rivals the hardest titanium, Stephie Ann masterfully tells her story and inspires people to keep going. She’s truly sunshine and grit with a little Southern accent!


Stephie Ann Freeman--A Woman Destined for Global Prominence

She's a woman with many talents.  She writes compelling, unforgettable stories and then narrates those stories like a seasoned actor.  She gives speeches that inspire and make you laugh, while empowering you to live out your dreams.  If that weren't enough, she has five degrees from four prestigious institutions.  She's been teaching on a collegiate level for over twenty-five years, and she is just getting started with her educational endeavors (her own school is already up and running).  Add to all of that, her love for fashion aesthetics, and you get this self-title "subermodel" (a step up from the supermodels we all know and love).  A "subermodel," Stephie Ann says, "is someone who removes the cork off the bottle of convention."  And with that said, she prepares to take the world by storm (a little humor to go with her natural disaster piece).