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Media MOgul, Innovator, and Educator

Stephie Ann Freeman, Creator




Who SHe Is…

Stephanie Freeman is an accomplished writer who has contributed to numerous publications—both mainstream and academic. She is also a writing consultant and formal freelance editor who has helped nationally-recognized writers and best-selling authors. Currently, she is completing a memoir entitled Life, Love, and Natural Disasters and a fictionalized biography called The Untouchable, Dead Beauty Queen . Both books are being prepared for mainstream publication.

Stephie Ann Freeman--A Woman Destined For Global Prominence

Stephie Ann is a woman with many talents.  She writes compelling, unforgettable stories and then narrates those stories like a seasoned actor.  She gives speeches that inspire and make you laugh, while empowering you to live out your dreams. If that weren't enough, she has five degrees from four prestigious institutions.  She's been teaching on a collegiate level for over twenty-five years, and she has started building her life-long dream (her own school is already up and running). Stephie Ann loves the arts and fashion as well as education. She coined a word, “subermodel,” to express her love for fashion aesthetics, humor, and genius power. “The ‘subermodel,’ " Stephie Ann says, “is someone who removes the cork off the bottle of convention. She can do high or low fashion and be a graceful genius all at once." And with that said, she prepares to take the world by storm—with a little humor, fashion, and artistry, of course!


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