Let Your Light Shine!

Would you like to have your business featured on Stephie Ann's website and become one of her sponsors? Her website will be receiving thousands of visitors thanks to her ever-growing media coverage--which will include national television and radio coverage starting in March 2015.  Get your opportunity now!  Prices are subject to change once traffic increases.  

NOTE:  Stephie Ann and her representatives reserve the right to deny any sponsorship that does not meet with her Christian, moral, and/or personal standards. She may also deny any business that does not fit her overall goals and objectives.


                                                                                                               Sponsorships Available

          Use the "Contact" page to let Stephie Ann know your are interested.

Standard Sponsorship--includes your name, your business name, and your contact information (including your website address). Your business category will also be listed.

Deluxe Sponsorship--includes all of the above-mentioned items (for the Standard Sponsorship) plus mention in Stephie Ann's promotional materials.

Premium Sponsorship--includes all of the features of the Deluxe Sponsorship plus inclusion in Stephie Ann's "Favored Businesses" section in at least one of her  publications.  Additionally, you will receive one copy of the publication in which your business is featured.  

VIP Sponsorship--Want Stephie Ann to use your product or service and recommend it? Send her your product or let her know how she can take advantage of your service.  If she likes your product or service, she will endorse it!   Your product will have national and global coverage and will be seen or used by a well-known media personality.  

NOTE: All products and services must be supplied completely free of charge for Stephie Ann and one of her representatives (2 products or 2 services).  No products will be returned.   Stephie Ann is very selective about what she wears or uses, so if you are selected for this sponsorship, your product or service will be touted as the best!

Use the "Contact" page to let Stephie Ann know about your interest.