Stephie Ann Freeman is a masterful storyteller who uses both spoken and written words to convey powerful, moving stories. Stephie Ann is also a talented marketing consultant who can help you achieve your goals in various media and publishing outlets. Stephie Ann's motto is simple, yet powerful: 

                    "Boring causes snoring. 

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"She weaves together narratives that captivate, engage, and inspire.  Her powerful gifts have created narratives that people will never forget." --Nadine C. (book lover)


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When Disaster Entered My Eden

A Memoir Born of Pain, Love, and Natural Disasters

After facing five natural disasters and multiple personal disasters,  Stephie Ann almost lost her will to survive. Instead of dying, she learned valuable life lessons from each natural disaster--a flood, an earthquake, a hurricane, a blizzard, and a tornado. These lessons from nature showed her how to handle barrenness, sudden deaths, molestation, financial devastation and more. 




In WHEN DISASTER ENTERED MY EDEN, Stephie Ann's memoir,  she faces her first natural disaster--the flood. This book will shock you and leave you amazed at how one woman can be so brave and yet so fragile.  Join Stephie Ann as her epic saga begins...







Love Divided by Sperm

                               1st Installment

In this novel, Stephie Ann Freeman takes us on a journey through a woman's life and the very different men who help define it.  These men make deposits into the woman's life and fill her with joy and sorrow.  The story is told in first person by the woman's daughter and youngest child--Denise. Denise weaves though her momma's life in all its seasons--child bride, mother, mistress, and seasoned matriarch.  As Denise relives the stories her momma has told her, she discovers how brave and vulnerable her mother has been. 


LOVE DIVIDED BY SPERM      is  a novel embedded with truths.  It has whispered stories about romance, guns, mistresses and secret children.  These stories will intrigue and captivate you, as you take a journey through this woman's remarkable, unconventional life.   









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